Photoshop dynamic layer

I’m trying to use a psd file for a simple titling but I can’t send data to it.
I made a text layer and gave it the name [dynamic] testfield
I put the file (test.psd) in the media directory and call LOAD 1-1 test
Until there, no problem.

Then I try to send data the same way as I do with other templates :

CG 1-1 UPDATE 1 "<templateData><componentData id=\"testfield\"><data id=\"text\" value=\"My value\"/></componentData><templateData>"

CasparCG returns #403 CG UPDATE FAILED

I’m disturbed by the fact I load a media and update a template but I can’t load the psd file with a CG command.

Thanks for your help.

Have you tried CG 1-1 ADD... instead of the load command? And you sure use a server version, that supports the PSD producer (2.1 NRK), right?

Yes, I tried CG 1-1 ADD 1 test 1.and CaspaCG return #404 CG ADD FAILED
I have copied the file in the template directory.

I’m using the version 2.3.0.

That’s where I block :
CG is used with the templates (html, flash…) and the file is looked for in the folder “template”.
the PSD producer should be considered as a template because of the dynamic fields but it only is loaded by the LOAD command.
Maybe I missed a configuration but where ?

This version does not support the PSD producer. You need to use 2.1.x NRK. (Seulement version 2.1.x supports la PSD.)

Are you sure ?
The wiki page says it is supported:

Not 100%, but as it does not work, I would try with the NRK version. AFAIK that has been removed from the main branch.

It is a nice idea, but lacks a lot to be really use full. I experimented a lot with the PSD producer and found out, that it is only use full for the absolute simples lower thirds. As soon as you need anything a little bit more advanced you can not do it.

The wiki was wrong there.
When that was written it was intended for the feature to return in 2.3, but it did not

Thank you for your help.

Perhap’s I’ll try 2.1NRK but I think that it doesn’t worth the try as I’m satisfied of 2.3 and it’s native ndi.

I just wanted to use psd for simple and rapid titling.