Photoshop - AEP Bodymovin - solids loose some properties


I am testing Html templates using body movin.
I design the layout in photoshop and then import all the layers in after effect.
The aep composition keeps all the properties, effects and filters from psd, but when exported and played on the browser all the shapes are “flat”.
Example a rectangle loose the Bevel & emboss effect.
Any one experienced the same issue?
Thank you


What about rendering these effects in Photoshop before going to After Effects?

Render you mean rasterize them?
I will try thanks didi

Yes, rasterize them, should reduce the amount of stuff that needs to be manipulated also, as these effects become a single layer with the rectangles etc. In real time graphics it’s always good to have not too many objects.

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Hello I found the reason of the issue.
My bodymovin plugin was not updated to the last version.
Now it is working smoothly.
Still some effects like particles it will not be correctly converted but well hopefully it will come in the future.