Performance on Xeon processors

I have a problem with a performance on a workstation (Xeon E5-1603 v4 2.8GHz, 8Gb RAM, Geforce GTX1050Ti, Decklink duo 2). When I launch a html template the CPU loads to 100% usage and the template starts glitching. Moreover, the decklink consumer start write that in-sync changed. On another PC(i5-4460, 3.20GHz 4 cores, 16Gb RAM, GeForce GTX950) all works fine, CPU loads up to 30-40% with the same template. What can be a reason?

I use the latest build from caspar master downloads. (2.2.0 727542fc)

And on the i5 you use the same build, and you also play the input on a layer?

It can have many reasons. From what I can see from your screenshots it’s not possible to say. can you post the config? Have you analyzed your system with a tool like Sandra? To make sure, the GPU and the Decklink got enough PCIe lanes and that they are from the same CPU, if you have more than one etc.

Yes, the same build, actions and config.

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
            <key-device>device + 1</key-device>

No, I haven’t done any analysis. Will do today.

That is wrong. If you set keyer to external you don’t need that. In case of an “external_separate_device” keyer you need it, but then it would need to be a number and not a formula.

The screen consumer always takes a lot of CPU power, so if possible that should be avoided. But it is by far an explication why you get the performance numbers you get. It usually takes 20% - 30% of the CPU.

Update system drivers specially your graphics driver
i was having same issue and in-sync warning with play decklink device on server 2.2.
and actually this is not HTML template. this issue start when you send play 1-1 decklink device 1 command after that you get memory leak.

I updated the drivers to my GeForce GTX 1050Ti but the results are the same.
I disable screenconsumer, it helps to reduce CPU by ~10%. And I checked PCI-e lines, it’s enough for decklink and GPU. By the way the “Warning Decklink Duo 2 1 1080i6000 In-sync changed” messages and overloading of CPU comes only on 2.2.0 version of the server.

yes, this issue is in version 2.3 milestone. developers are working on it.

Thank you for answer. Can you give a link to issue on the tracker?

Issue: Decklink Input missing back pressure