People/Face Tracking

Hi everyone

I was working in the past a lot with CasparCG. Recently I had was working on a ‘real-time’ people-motion tracking project (AR App nothing to do with TV/CG/Graphics) and thought this maybe could be fun to port to use within CasparCG. I can track hands, faces - return points for every finger/arm/leg/etc. (where you then could ‘attach’ graphics to)

Do you think something like this could be usefull? I do not have any demo yet but maybe I could do something in a couple of days.


Sounds interesting. Would that be a fork to CasparCG server or is it done inside a template or something?

It’s fully web-based (so it would be a template or even usable within other templates) - without any changes to the server component itself (as long as the chromium version works with my code).

Will make a video today/tomorrow to demonstrate the functionality/tracking.

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