Pausing and resuming a video?

I have a bunch of pre-rendered lower third movies that I’m playing out. The titles animate in and out, but I need to be able to pause the playout after the animate-in and play it out on demand. Is there a way to accomplish this with the regular client?

You need to create two items in the playlist for each clip and use “Seek” and “Length” fields to create an intro and an outro, by trimming the clip. Then play the first and load the second. When it’s time play the second.

Thanks Didi. Do you mean having two separate groups with the same videos/transformations? Or is there a way to use a group to wait for me to send “next” or something?

I mean having two separate items, not groups. AFAIK groups can not be made to automate this.

To automate this you could build a template, that sends the appropriate commands to Caspar or write a client.