Overlay templates in Premiere Sequences

I’m wondering if there is a way to make a casparcg overlay in realtime for videos that will be uploaded to social media.
I’m working with a small production company where they currently use PSD files to overlay lower thirds for both Tricaster and Premiere. They usually prepare many clips for the shows and only a fraction are actually played out live, the rest is uploaded to social media with lower thirds.
They are now switching to HD with ATEM switchers and a CasparCG server and the templates for lower thirds are dynamic, naturally, and will be added live (either manually or using video metadata).

So the question is how to generate somehow templates and add them to premiere sequences or “paste” them on top of the exported video file.

You have a template in CasparCG that may or may not have been created dynamically.
That you later want to add to a video?

Could you take a chanel snapshot and save that for later use. You could all so record the chanel or do a layer reroute to a chanel for record.

If I am not wrong in understanding your issue, you can prepare two separate playlists for exported videos and set of dynamic templates whose data can be fed through grids. Or as @jyeomans said you can record it for later use as single video file. If the issue is different, please explain in detail.

Infact I am planning to prepare similar one for video and templates, both of which are live/recorded/scheduled with logo and then finally stream it to social media from a single machine.

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Yes. I want dynamic templates to be generated in advance as video clip overlays. The templates are animated and may vary in length so I think I should look up a way to set in/out markers and data for each template and as record all video length (either with or without the video playing in a background layer).

Now I wonder: Is there a way to speed up the whole process or it must be rendered in realtime?

So basically you want system time based graphics sheduler.
I have made a client for this. There is a interface to
select template,
populate template variables,
Fill the variable data,
Save it in a rundown,
Put in time of template,
Put overlay duration,

After making the rundown save it and recall it.
Click start shedule and it will do the things.

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