Output remaining clip time to display

Hi there,

does anyone have an smart solution for the following?: I need to display the remaining clip time (would be great with the clip title given in the Client) on an external display. Maybe via an Raspberry or so? At the end I need SDI, so output via an Decklink output would also be possible.
Sadly I´m not such an big programmer, so I have not really an idea how to do that. Maybe someone could give me some tipps?

Thanks in advance!

OSC protocol allows you tu receive that data from the server in real time.
It’s fairly easy. If you are familiar with ActionScript you could use a template to output that data through caspar. There’s a library you can work with.
The same applies to Javascript but it would require some node.js server.
I’ve been thinking of coding a simple app to do that but didn’t find the time to get into it.
A raspberry solution would be great!

For Raspberry there is this one: https://github.com/dimitry-ishenko-casparcg/timer
But it seems that it doesn‘t work anymore. Already spend some hours on it to get it running, but no luck with it :confused:

I will look into this Actionscript library. Thanks for the hint. Got an link for it, by the way? :slight_smile:

A quick search reminded me that it used some kind of air server also (like the node.js-javascript counterpart). I tested that a couple years ago, even before getting into CasparCG related development.
It’s the tuio-as3 library that includes osc.
I think a web based node.js app would be a nice solution. You could make it run easily on a smart tv or a raspberry pi.

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@Julusian - I saw you´ve build something very promising already here: https://github.com/GuildTV/ccg-bitc
Maybe you could adjust this for the new Caspar versions? :slight_smile:

You just have to change this block of code for the updated osc addressed: https://github.com/GuildTV/ccg-bitc/blob/master/index.js#L142

Should be pretty easy to do yourself :smiley:

@TheYouth yes, that is designed to use a secondary casparcg channel to output a copy of the video with a timecode overlay.
I had a suspicion I had already used it with 2.2, and managed to find that code so I have pushed a new build which should work with 2.2 and 2.3 now too. https://github.com/GuildTV/ccg-bitc/releases/tag/v0.3.0

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Yay, that works like a charm. Great!
Thank you very much for your help @Julusian :slight_smile:

@Julusian I edited the source code a little bit to fit for my needs. Veeeery slowly I´m getting into this and understand what happens where. :slight_smile:
Added this Loop warning as some guys of my crew forget to disable the loop in Caspar. - It´s there if the clip is on loop.
Guess I will add an “paused” or similar in the middle of the screen when the clips is on hold… We´ll see… so far so good.
Thanks again for your initial help with this!


@Julusian is it possible to have clean video on sdi and video with timecode on PC preview monitor?

@TheYouth sorry, I was going to give you some help with that, but I was buy all weekend. Im glad you got it working.
The provided layout has been kept intentionally simple as we generally use it via the atem multiviewer, so the text has to be large to be readable.

@Hos yes, you could setup the second channel to use a screen consumer instead of a decklink

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Hi could I please suggest the feature of a launch option to change the “*VT A*” label? something like

could you please share code?

Hi @Julusian @TheYouth,

I’m kind of a noob in node.js developpement… Maybe in all kind developpement

I started to edit the JS files and hmtl file from the source in visualstudio 2019.
I can test my chunk and see on if it’s work or not. (So happy it’s work as i need)
When i test it run the chunk in node.js, but i don’t know how to compile in a self exe file.

If you don’t use VS, i can switch for an other ide, your favorite if need.


Very interesting, I will try to set it up a bit.
How would you go about scaling it to 2 or more channels?

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