Output HTML template in SD

with html template for SD

When set to SD, w-720,h-576, instead ot stretching it to 1024 like in flash, casper adds (1024-720) black strip to the output.
when we set width to 1024, all texts are squeezed when going on 4:3.

can we have width as 720 and get casper to STRECH it to 1024 for html on SD?

Use MIXER FILL commands:

Did a test and It works… Thank you very much…

There seems to be a missunderstanding concerning SD resolution. Digitally SD is always 720 by 576 pixels. As this is neither 4:3 nor 16:9. You need to layout to 768x576 for 4:3 and to 1024x576 for 16:9.

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Yes… i am designing and testing on a duo card with sdi-hdmi --> TV setup.
my cards are 720x576 in size.

to get a close enough idea i switch to 4:3 mode in the tv.

Please correct me if i am doing something terribly wrong. and my apologies for the wrong & dual posting.

Thank you.

I still think you did not understand how SD works. SD (in PAL) is technically ALWAYS 720x576. Nothing else. Switching the TV to 4:3 is only needed when you output in 4:3 other ways you need to switch the TV to 16:9. To account for the distortion the 720x576 gives in either way you layout 4:3 to be 768x576 and 16:9 to be 1024:576.