OSC, Preview call

Hola people :slight_smile:

12 points for a fabulous piece of software! :heart:

I’m playing around with OSC commands from Bitfocus Companion to CaspcarCG Client.
Works very well as what we want is very simple playlist control; move cursor up, down, play selected item - and preview! No direct calls via UID, only navigating the playlist.

If I manually select at item (we only run videos from the native CG Client, GFX are added from a second interface) and press F8, clip will freeze on first frame on the output, ideal when ready to run an intro when returning from commercials on at flow TV channel.

If I send /control/preview via OSC, nothing happens.
/control/up, /control/down, /control/play (all sent with an integer value of 1) works perfect, and from this list I googled to find, preview should be a part of the OSC commands:


Client version is 2.2.0.

Any hints? :slight_smile:

Hi Andreas, welcome to the CCG community.

At present I can’t identify why the CasparCG client is ignoring the preview instruction from an OSC source, but I can confirm that it is not an issue with your installation. I see exactly the same issue as you when I try the OSC preview command.

I checked the client log file (in folder c:\users<userid>.CasparCG\Client\Logs) which shows the message was received by the client, but that it did not issue a LOAD command to the server.

So you may have found an issue in the client code. If so it needs to be logged on Github at Issues · CasparCG/client · GitHub

Thank you very much!

I’ve reported it as an issue on Github as I also think it lies in the client code.


I have tested client 2.0.9 and OSC web sockets on both client 2.0.9 and 2.2.0.

All tests show the same behaviour you saw. This further points to the common core code for OSC messages. I will add this test data result to the Github issue.