OSC or INFO continuos command get info

We are building a custom player. I know it’s a silly question.

About the total duration of a clip get from OSC (casparcg stable 2.2)
We have a clip with a duration of:
01:09:17 (PAL)

In OSC we receive total duration:
25 f / s

Ok 69 = 1m 9s
But 0.72 to how many pictures is equivalent?
How to calculate it?
In the counter is from 0 to 100, no 0 to 25 or another logical frame count.
Is it possible to read simple total frames in OSC?

Thanks community!!!

(69.72 % 1) * 25 = 18 frames?

I also get 18 frames. I guess that is because the first frame has timecode 00.

You can see this as duration=69.72 seconds
1 PAL frame is 40 ms so 0.04 sec
so calculate 69.72/0.04 = 1743 frames