issuing a command like PLAY 1-0 DECKLINK 1 FORMAT PAL does not send any OSC data. am i missing something? at least frame OR time into play data will be okay

That is strange. In 2.2 you should be getting the following data if the device was activated successfully.
None of the data looks like what you are after though.
I believe it should be sent even if there is no input signal.

            state_["file/name"]              = model_name_;
            state_["file/path"]              = device_index_;
            state_["file/audio/sample-rate"] = format_desc_.audio_sample_rate;
            state_["file/audio/channels"]    = format_desc_.audio_channels;
            state_["file/fps"]               = format_desc_.fps;
            state_["profiler/time"]          = {frame_timer.elapsed(), format_desc_.fps};
            state_["buffer"]                 = {frame_buffer_.size(), frame_buffer_.capacity()};

            if (video) {
                state_["file/video/width"]  = video->GetWidth();
                state_["file/video/height"] = video->GetHeight();

Hopefully that is clear enough to read, I copied it straight from the code