OSC file/path values

(running 2.3.3 d6f06dab Dev on win-10)

I’m updating a bunch of my OSC handling code for 2.3 and noticed that in the layer/file/path message some producers include the full path while others it don’t.

html- “file://C:\bin\CasparCGServer\template/blooddrive.html” (with a mix of slashes)
ffmpeg- “media/Outflow.mp4”
image- “media/fuzzy.jpg”
(I haven’t checked the other producers.)

Is this intentional? I’ll work around it, but it seems wrong.


IIRC the absolute path for the HTML producer is because it’s the path resolved from CEF. It needs to handle URLs, redirected URLs and changes that can happen within CEF itself (e.g. you could have a template that redirects to another file/url and that change needs to be reflected).

For completeness-
bluefish/producer/bluefish_producer.cpp: state_[“file/path”] = device_index_;
decklink/producer/decklink_producer.cpp: state_[“file/path”] = device_index_;
ffmpeg/consumer/ffmpeg_consumer.cpp: state_[“file/path”] = u8(path_);
ffmpeg/producer/av_producer.cpp: state_[“file/path”] = u8(path_);
html/producer/html_producer.cpp: state_[“file/path”] = u8(url_);
image/producer/image_producer.cpp: state_[“file/path”] = description_;
(and it took some looking to find that…)

so yes, it seems intentional. Whether all the other paths should be a complete URL or not is another question. I may see about updating the wiki somewhere along the line.