Osc don't send messages after some days

I have a c# client that get status of templates is played on server with OSC
The problem i have is the OSC will be deactivate after some days Caspar server work continuesly.
Any one know why it be deactive and how should I solve this problem,

CasparCG server is proven to run for many weeks, so the issue you are having suggests that you may have a problem with either your template or your client. Issues that only show up after an extended time can be tripped by a memory leak that eventually stops normal operation. Memory leaks can happen in both .NET programming and in Javascript coding.

You do not say which version of the server code you are using, or if your server and client are running on a single computer or a pair of computers. There is a logged issue of memory leaks in server version 2.3 when the gpu acceleration is enabled for HTML. The two linked reports, numbers 1265 and 1363, can be seen here.

When you detect loss of OSC data in your client program, is the CasparCG server still receiving and processing AMCP commands?

Have you tried a network investigation tool such as Wireshark to check what CasparCG server is emitting when you think the OSC data has stopped? I know from personal exerience that Wireshark can have a steep learning curve for new users, but checking for UDP traffic on the OSC port is relatively easy. Once you have captured a set of network packets, enter a data display filter to select the OSC packets of interest. If you are monitoring the OSC data from channel 1 layer 10 a display filter such as data includes "/channel/1/stage/layer/10" selects only the packets that have the string between the quotation marks. The packet content display window in Wireshark shows the full data sent in each packet that meets your filter criterion.

You can track memory usage in your template using the developer tools built into Chrome. There are lots of Youtube videos showing how to use the Chrome developer heap size probe tool. You need to ensure you have set your CasparCG server to enable remote debug on an otherwise unused port number, then run Chrome on the server machine to connect it to your template. There are instructions on how to do this in a forum post here.

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