Optical kerning with bodymovin and StreamShapers Ferryman

Hello. I’m trying to create an HTML template using bodymovin and StreamShapers, but I’m running into a font problem. In the after effects on the font optical kerning is used, but when driving lottie animation metric kerning is used. Is it possible to manually indicate which kerning to use?

AFAIK no. Lottie uses animated SVG and that is somehow limited when it comes to kerning.

Hey @bezdelnik
you are not the the only one with that problem. We had someone else in our Discord (StreamShapers)
This was a bug in a previous version of StreamShapers Ferryman, that happend with some fonts . We just fixed it in “1.5.2”. Could you try it again with this version? And if it’s still not running correctly, you may upload your file so we can check and fix it?