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Is intel Onboard UHD §630 good for at server build runing the 2.3 or 2.1…NRK version, with decklink quad2 - I would like to save some space, so it can fit into a OB van(rackmount), and that extra GPU card is a challange. It will not be runinng the screen consumer, but always 2X key and fill(one preview) and sometime and extra fill channel. What will the limits with a onboards GPU setup? Do anybody have GPU recommendation with a smaller form factor then quadro cards, so I maybe can fit in a 1.5 rack unit (2 pcie slots)?
Heine Froholdt

How do you fit a Quad 2 in a 1.5 RU case? Using a riser card? There are also riser cards, that supports a GPU. For a 2 RU case you could use a low profile Quadro card and two Decklink Duo 2 Mini (also low profile) instead of the Quad 2, without the pain of fumbling with a riser card.

There are plenty of 1U chassis that support 2x full length PCI-E and even 2x FL PCI-E + 1 or 2 short.

Many of the Nvidia Quadro cards just take up 1 slot.

I have dozens of these built on Supermicro chassis.

Yes - riser card - I can´t get the decklink duo mini 2 in time for the project - So I have only room for the decklink quad 2 card - this is the computer I´m thinking about: https://www.onlogic.com/eu-en/mk150b-54/

I will look at supermicro, what would be a minimum quadro GPU?

Any Quadro will be many times better than integrated graphics. For cheaper systems I prefer the Quadro P2200 (<$400), good bang for the buck…

By the way: Has anybody run CasparCG successfully with a Intel UHD Graphics GPU? I never tried and it would be good to know.

We’ll I do all my test builds on an i5 with HD Graphics 4600 and it works (though it doesn’t have much perfornance).

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The project SuperFly did for archery runs on integrated gpu. 2x F+K on an HD630.

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And it performs amazing if you only do a couple of channels.

In my servers I´m running Decklink Quad 2 and Nvidia P2000 without any issues. Works great with 8x HD Out or 4x Key/Fill.
So in your case I would put in the same config…

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