Old forum, list of clients

In the old forum, there was several threads with clients and other projects. Would be nice to have a section here in this forum as well where each project has their own thread so it is easy to find them…

I am actually looking for a CasparCG client that used to be in the old forum. I really liked the interface - the buttons looked like they came from a Digibeta player. Does anyone know if this project still is alive? ANd if, where can I find it? I do not even remember the name of the client…

Related Projects: https://github.com/CasparCG/help/wiki/Related-Projects
List of clients: https://github.com/CasparCG/help/wiki/List-of-clients-for-controlling-CasparCG
List of tools, libraries and templates: https://github.com/CasparCG/help/wiki/List-of-tools%2C-libraries-and-templates

Yes, I know about this list and it is not even close to complete. I finally managed to change my search so I actually found what I was looking for:


And it is not on the list…

No matter if there is a Wiki with a list,we need to be able to ask questions, see screenshots etc. So a forum-area for this would not be bad. Just like in the old forum.

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It depends on the maintainer of the original project to start a new thread on this forum. E.g. Vimlesh started a new thread for his client, but others have not.

Please feel free to do a Pull Request to add more clients to the wiki :slight_smile:

Yes that is a nice looking client. A nice jem to find!