Offtopic - CasparCG Easter-Egg in Real Humans


i’m currently rewatching Real Humans (Äkta människor) and some scenes gave me a huge smile because there are some easter eggs all over the place connected to casparcg. Just want to share one of the scenes i’ve found so far.

When i first watched it, i knew nothing about CasparCG seeing it now, gives a whole new vibe to it. Although it already hits different due to the recent development in AI itself.

Does anyone know other SVT Programm with “easter eggs” like that?


Good spotting!

How is it possible that SVT’s show has source code from SVT’s software? My guess is that the former community manager for CasparCG might also have been the visual effects supervisor for both seasons of “Real Humans”. :smiley:


Guess what his name is :joy:

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Here are a few BTS videos: