Obs.ninja and CasparCG

Hallo I a new here and with Caspar,
seems to be a powerfull tool. I like to embed a Browsersourche from obs.ninja (Livevideo). It does not work.
Did i do something wrong, or is it the internal Browser, who did not like the obs.ninja stream?


[2020-11-09 16:10:22.352] [5952]  [info]    html[url] Initialized.
[2020-11-09 16:10:22.390] [5952]  [info]    transition[empty=>html[url]] Initialized.
[2020-11-09 16:10:22.430] [5952]  [debug]   Executed command: PlayCommand
[2020-11-09 16:10:22.447] [21716] [info]    transition[html[url l[https....]] End Of File.
[2020-11-09 16:10:22.520] [17828] [warning] html[url] window.requestAnimationFrame() never called. Animations might have been laggy
[2020-11-09 16:10:22.591] [21716] [info]    transition[html[http,,,]=>html[url]] Uninitialized.
[2020-11-09 16:10:22.634] [17828] [info]    html[url] Uninitialized.
[1109/161022:ERROR:renderer_main.cc(226)] Running without renderer sandbox
[1109/161023:INFO:CONSOLE(1)] "Uncaught SyntaxError: Unexpected token =", source: urlver=110 (1)
[1109/161023:INFO:CONSOLE(667)] "Uncaught ReferenceError: WebRTC is not defined", source: url(667)
[1109/161023:INFO:CONSOLE(8)] "Uncaught SyntaxError: Unexpected token =", source: url?ver=79 (8)

Looks like you are using 2.07 - use a newer build http://builds.casparcg.com/

First of all: use the </> button instead of >blockquote what does not work here.

What is the command you sent to Caspar?

double facepalm, thank you guys!

It works with the newest version, thank you so much!

now I was thinking all ist working, but after Testing the whole night on the Production System, caspars chromium chrashed everty we want to lead a secand OBS.Ninja stream. Did Andybody handle casparcg and obs.ninja together?

 [warning] html[https://obs.ninja/?get=aRHR48S&scene&room=testfff] 1920 1080 25.000000 Log: The Web Audio autoplay policy will be re-enabled in Chrome 71 (December 2018). Please check that your website is compatible with it. https://goo.gl/7K7WLu