NVIDIA Quadro P2000

Hi, I queried a local store for Quadro P2000 for caspar build and this is what is says in product description offer:

“NVIDIA Quadro P2000, 5GB 160bit GDDR5 1024 CUDA, PNY, VCQP2000-PB”

however, they noted me that this is the Quadro P2000, just that manufacturer is Dell. I guess that Dell assembled the card but it’s NVIDIA’s pascal chip onboard? I believe this is the one:


Is it ok to go for it?

There are a multitude of companies maifacturing these cards, so I see no reason for not go with it.

You can usually find the P2200 cheaper than P2000 these days.

I´m using P2000 in all of my servers without any issues. Great card for small amount amount of money :slight_smile:

Yeah I see P2200 is cheaper but lower core/memory clock? Greater pixel/texture/mem-bandwidth though. Guess these differences don’t matter that much…
They only got Fujitsu P2200 in my store so I’ll probably go for Dell P2000.

Thanks guys!

can quadro p2000 support G SYNC

Why would that be importan? CasparCG usually outputs via an SDI card.