NVIDIA Quadro P2000 + internal Intel UHD Graphics 630

This is about 2 monitor setup:
First monitor has HDMI input, and second only VGA. PC is located in other (server) room, we got one HDMI and one VGA cable installed from control room to server room, both 10 meters long, going thru wall and floor (big hassle).
NVIDIA Quadro has 4x DisplayPorts, and will be connected over DP-HDMI adapter on HDMI cable to first monitor.
Since I don’t have great experience with digital to analog converters for computers I plan to use onboard Intel with VGA output for other monitor over existing VGA cable.
Buying extra monitor and HDMI or DP cables 10 meters long is not an option at the moment.
My question is, will Caspar suffer performance loss because onboard GPU is activated?
Is it better if NVIDIA Quadro works alone or that doesn’t matter?


There are DisplayPort to VGA adapters available. That seems to work, from what I find on Google. So I would try this, as enabling the on board VGA does normally mess up the system. When I tried that a few years back the on board VGA has become the first display adapter in the system. That made Caspar to not find the nVidia GPU and try to work with the UHD.

Ok, that’s what I was thinking too, caspar will mess up.
I tried DP-VGA adapter once before and picture was squeezed on monitor, but that monitor was old some lower res monitor and maybe couldn’t handle that signal, I remember changing card’s refresh rate frequency and that also didn’t go well.
I’ll stick to one monitor setup if nothing else works,
thanks @didikunz!

I saw, that these adapters are cheap so I would just give it a try before giving up. Maybe you can return the adapter if it does not work.