Nvidia nvenc parameters containing - dash

hi, is there a way to escape and use parameters for a consumer containing dash symbol? (e.g. -rc-lookahead:v, -no-scenecut:v, -spatial-aq:v, -temporal-aq:v, -aq-strength:v) they are parsed like lookahead, scenecut, aq, strength and result in “unused options”.

put this around the name “clip name” or use this in your clientcode Chr(34)

sorry but already tried and not worked

I can confirm that this functionality is not working yet. @Julusian do you plan to support it ?

I don’t remember seeing a github issue for this, so was unaware that there was an issue here.

This regex looks a bit suspicious server/src/modules/ffmpeg/consumer/ffmpeg_consumer.cpp at 3c1d1f9d382ff57d4a14fc577ad2fa6832f6505b · CasparCG/server · GitHub

This modified regex, with removed dash after the NAME, is doing the work: “-(?<NAME>[^\\s]+)(\\s+(?<VALUE>[^\\s]+))?

I’ve updated that, it will be in a build shortly