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Are there any advantages in using the NRK version, if the need only is one video playout (fill) and a graphic output (fill + key. Three outputs in total. HD1080/50i
I’m not currently planning SofieTV.


Compared to 2.0.7 the NRK build has an updated HTML engine and if you intend to use HTML templates, you’d probably want it.

Thanks for your reply, yes we will be using html templates.

Confirming that NRK build works a lot better, than official releases with HTML templates.

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This would surely be outdated now, right?
With the release of 2.3.0 Long Term Support - the official version is the way to go. Right?

I would also like to know the answer to this question: Official 2.3.0 or NRK?

As maintainer for both, I would recommend going with 2.3.0 unless there is a specific feature in the 2.1nrk version that you need.

I suspect that at some point in the next few months nrk will start investigating moving towards 2.3, as there are some performance and other improvements there


Thanks Julusian, appreciated.

@Julusian are there any plans for implementing framerate producer for 2.3.x?

We’ve recently upgraded and discovered that it’s not there. We often play videos side-by-side and need to be able to sync them. Is there currently any workaround in 2.3.x?

Or is 2.1.12_NRK my only option?


I have not seen any plans.
Can you remind me what that producer does? I thought it simply conformed the framerate of clips to be the same as the channel via a few different blending algorithms.

@Julusian it provides slow-mo and fast-fo capabilities:

Not sure why, but it was taken out of v2.3.

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