NRK Launcher / Restart Server via http

Hello again,

For a small playout client I am using the latest version of NRK server/scanner together with its launcher.
I understand that the launcher has the possibilty to start and restart the server and the scanner as well from its GUI as via http (API commands and http port enabled).

I am able to check the status by typing into my browser.

But how can I manage to start or restart the server/scanner with my browser or another http client? does not work.

Is there any documentation of the API commands?



You need to make a POST request to or change the ending to /stop or /restart (both still POST) for the other actions.

Hi Julisian,

Thanks for the answer. That works so far…
But the response to start or restart is always an empty {}.
I was expecting to get the answer “running” or “stopped” when I post a command - or at least a “True” or “False” for success or no success.
Or does {} already mean that the command was successful (because of the absencse of any error message)? :thinking:



Hmm yeah the responses arent very good there.
Looking at the code, it will throw a 404 error if the process doesnt exist, or it will return {} if it did something to the process.
We didnt see much value in putting time into monitoring for success at the time this was written.

Ah. I see.
Thank you anyway.