Noob, need tutor and custom template

Hello there, I am from the TV industry where I work in the video department, not graphics! I know a small bit of the power of this community and project. Here is a bulletpoint list of my project and requests.

Step 1
Help my understand CasparCG so that I can properly lead the project and be of value.

Step 2
Guide me in specifying appropriate form factor of hardware that suits my environment and can support the program well.

Video stream as source
HDMI monitor output
Saved jpg output with meta data fields for future searching
Skarhoj keyboard input for quick manipulation.
Spreadsheet integration. ( the point of the project is to quickly determine variables in a visual manner, feed the variables to a simple formula or look up table, and then display the resultant on screen)
Data feed input (not sure of the data source type yet)

Development partner.
Fluent English
USA work hours preferred.
I am looking for someone who will guide ME thru this development process, not someone who needs every step laid out.
It is my hope to talk on the phone very quickly about this project and gauge compatibility.
I have no idea and how to structure a pay schedule
My full budget for development is $10,000 US for development and tweaks.

Please reply thru the forum messaging system and we will figure out how to move forward.

Sent you a PM…

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