No Signal from a scheduled HTML-Page to decklink embedded Audio-Out

Hello, I´ve tried out the use of CasparCG first time yesterday and I succeeded to manage a lot. So I´m little proud :wink: But the last 5% I can´t get running. Hopefully there is anyone who could help quickly:

I scheduled a HTML-Page in the CasparCG-Client to playout to a decklink card. That works :slight_smile: But only the video signal. The audio of the HTML-Page is listen in the PC-Speaker because in the Windows-Audiomixer the input called “CasparCG video and graphics play…” in shown and responsible for the hearing signal. The also shown input “CasparCG Server 2.0.7 e9fc25a Stab…” has no signal. Whereas if I playout a standard videoclip the audio singal is active on this input but is also not hearing in the embedded audio of the decklink.

Can anyone help? Here are the script of my casparcg.config:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
      <channels>L R</channels>

AND … very sorry for my bad English!!!

Hi Frank,

Your English is no that bad.

That is normal behavior, the audio of templates (be them in HTML or Flash) is always played out of system audio, because it is not possible to access the audio, that is played inside CEF or Flash Player (developers: correct me if I am wrong). So to be able to get to the audio there are two ways: You could simply use the audio output of the computer (check for lip sync) or, in case of a template, play an audio clip on another layer in Caspar.

Hi :slight_smile: and much thanks for the prompt response. Last question to what you wrote:

“in case of a template, play an audio clip on another layer in Caspar” … could the audio clip contain the incoming signal of the HTML-Page? … I suppose not … It means to use a separate audio content, right?!

Yes, that’s what I am talking about. So to play a website this is not the way of doing it. That only works, if you build the content yourself.

Okay, thanks a lot!!!

Yes, this is a known issue which is a limitation of the version of CEF we are using. Supporting it is planned once it is possible.

If you only need audio from one channel, then another solution would be to set that decklink output as your default audio output in windows. You do risk other sound coming out of the sdi too, but depending on the use case/setup that might be fine.