No second monitor with 2.1.0 B2

Hi everyone,

came across with this issue:
Screen consumer second monitor in 2.1.0 B2 isn´t working.
First monitor is HD, 2nd monitor is 4K.
Sadly I can´t get an fullscreen window on the second screen.
Set the device to 2 (that´s what the 4K monitor is), borderless and not windowed are activated.

Anyone expectoing the same issue?


is it sticking on dispay 1 ??
if soo there has been 2 tricks in the past.
place the wanted screen above the other one in windows display setup
or press
“windows button” arrow right or left when the screenconsumer has focus

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shift windowsbutton right or left

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Yes. I experienced the same issue with 2.1 beta 2

Thanks Maurice!
Yeah, it´s sticking to display 1.
Trick didn´t worked.
Second trick also didn´t work, as CCG opens first on the HD Monitor. So I can´t get fullscreen on the 4K Monitor with moving the window

did you try to make the 4k screen primary and located to the left in windows screen setup

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Yep… it will do the trick. More or less… the display window sticks to the primary display. -.-"

Having it as primary display is a little pain in the a… - whatever error occurs, is shown on the big screen :smiley: