No second monitor with 2.1.0 B2


Hi everyone,

came across with this issue:
Screen consumer second monitor in 2.1.0 B2 isn´t working.
First monitor is HD, 2nd monitor is 4K.
Sadly I can´t get an fullscreen window on the second screen.
Set the device to 2 (that´s what the 4K monitor is), borderless and not windowed are activated.

Anyone expectoing the same issue?



is it sticking on dispay 1 ??
if soo there has been 2 tricks in the past.
place the wanted screen above the other one in windows display setup
or press
“windows button” arrow right or left when the screenconsumer has focus



shift windowsbutton right or left


Yes. I experienced the same issue with 2.1 beta 2


Thanks Maurice!
Yeah, it´s sticking to display 1.
Trick didn´t worked.
Second trick also didn´t work, as CCG opens first on the HD Monitor. So I can´t get fullscreen on the 4K Monitor with moving the window


did you try to make the 4k screen primary and located to the left in windows screen setup


Yep… it will do the trick. More or less… the display window sticks to the primary display. -.-"


Having it as primary display is a little pain in the a… - whatever error occurs, is shown on the big screen :smiley: