No embedded audio via DeckLink MiniMonitor


I have a Problem considering playout with embedded audio… I am using a BlackmagicDesign Decklink MiniMonitor Card for playout.

Video is working fine, but there is no audio coming out of the video card…
The CasparCG Client otherlike is showing there is audio embedded in the video file.

I’ve added my CasparCG Server config file, maybe anyone of you can find a mistake… thanks!

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
<accelerator>auto </accelerator>
      <channels>L R</channels>
      <channels />

Check Spelling of true in embedded audio

Oh thanks! Sometimes you suffer from tunnel vision when you stare hours and hours at a PC screen…

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FYI the Online config file validator would have cought this as you can see with your config here:
Online CasparCG config file validator


I‘m completely new to CasparCG since today…

Nice hint! Thank you :+1:t2: