No communication from client to server

Hello, I am new to CasparCG and would like to play around to get to know the software.
Unfortunately, I already have a problem with the installation that I can not solve.

I use a Win PC with Windows 10 Home and I deactivated all firewalls.
I have downloaded and unpacked casparcg-server-v2.3.3-lts-stable and CasparCG_Client_2.0.8_Win.
I also copied a PNG and an MP4 to the server’s media folder.
When I start the server, I am able to start the movie with the command “PLAY 1 Filename” in the console.

In the settings it says under Servers Local CasparCG and Port 5250

When I start the client software, I would expect an 1 at Imagres and Videos, but there is a 0. The refresh doesn’t help.

In the client settings at Servers there is Local CasparCG and Port 5250 active

In the console I get an error message
“Failed to connect to media-scanner. Is it running?”
“Reason: Connection refused”

What am I doing wrong or where did I forget something?

Greetings, Mik

Try to run the server “as Administrator”. That sometimes helps. There is also a setting in the properties of a desktop link, that you can enable that on every start, if it helps.

Thank you for your answer.
Unfortunately it does not work as administrator either

But you also run the Scanner.exe, do you?

Ah, ok! I didn’t know…
Now it works!


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