NLE style Timeline GUI for Casparcg?

Is there anything resembling an NLE style Timeline GUI for Casparcg?

Doesn’t have to be wildly complicated, but the ability to play out video with both synchronous and asynchronous audio - together with J and L cuts (ie audio ins+outs can be earlier/later than video ins+outs).

Think in terms of a music closer - music is one track, commentary edited on another (mostly asynchronous to pictures) FX are a mix of sync and async on a third track.

Thanks for any insight - pointers to third party solutions.

For background we typically use Avid or Premiere Pro, fed via streams + clips from EVS/Telestream etc. Disadvantage is render + export time. Oh and cost :wink:

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What would be the use of such a solution?

Thanks for asking.

For very tight turnaround, i.e. editing the timeline as it plays to air, the only current solution dates from 2008.

The main USP is to be able to edit & review a timeline with growing files as that timeline is playing to air.

e.g. edting down a 3 hour awards show that starts to air 2 hours after the live show begins - to fit 90 minute continuous TX. Simple edits but require asynchronous video cutaways to cover the joins. IPEdit can make changes to the timeline as close as 10" before that portion airs.

Doing it with other NLEs require that the exports be stitched together in an EVS playlist as it plays to air, plus the closest to air time you can make an edit is “duration of export chunk” + “latency of stream to NLE” + “time it takes to export and add to playlist” + “safety factor” - if doing 10 minute chunks then that is probably 15 minutes minimum. Plus there’s wrangling if you want to make changes…

Here’s a brief guide to what IPEdit does with a timeline GUI -

‘TLE’ - timeline edit

1 Timeline video track

Timeline audio tracks can be 1x16 track container, 16x mono or anything in between.

Cuts + mixes only on both

Access to any recording stream, clips in timeline are open ended (ie can be extended into future and fill in automatically - growing files on PP / Avid can only be extended once that part of the file is filled in).

EWP - Edit While Playout

‘TLO’ - timeline output - starts as a duplicate of the TLE.

Independent output of both so TLO can play to air whilst still being edited in TLE.

TLO has its own transport + playback controls.

TLE changes can be reviewed then ‘committed’ to TLO.

Changes can be made up to a few seconds of TLO airing (red bar shows ‘protected’ area)

Use cases:


Sports events quick turnaround music pieces.

V - Cuts/mixes between various isos

A1 - async commentary (mono)

A2 - async/sync FX (stereo)

A3 - async MX (stereo)

Played to air direct from TLE as close as 2 mins after event happens.

Advantage over PP/Avid = no ingest or render time - instant access + playout.

EWP / TLO - editing as it plays to air

Gig, artist on stage + live internationally at 20.45, UK delayed TX at 21.00

TLE timecode set to 1900, copied to TLO and played so whatever is on TLE at 2100 will be played out on TLO (set + forget).

Ident, lineup, countdown, opening titles added to TLE so opening titles will play at 2100. Commit to TLO.

At 20.45, edit from Int TX feed to end of opening titles. Check edit. Extend out to 2300. Commit to TLO.

Now the concert is effectively delayed by 15.5 mins, if no other edits made.

(Make further edits, insert commercials, tighten bits between songs, remove profanities, libels etc with alternate angles, mix minus audio etc).

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It’s not made for it but Sofie I think has a lot of the ingredients and it isn’t beyond imagination that it could exist in future…

I think even if there was a workflow to go from .EDL or something to Sofie you could cut in avid and then import that list onto a sofie rundown as a series of commands for caspar to playout

this is just an idea…


We just released SuperConductor that might be of interest: