"Next" in PSD Producer

Does anybody know how to do a “Next” in the PSD producer? I know, that I can write “stop” in the timeline comment and a “start outro” to handle the “Stop” command, but not how to handle “Next”.

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Found it out myself (by reading trough .scene files of the new 2.1.11 NRK build) you write “start next” for a Next trigger. For use with Invoke write “start anything” while anything is the name of the invoke command.


Hi! I’m a bit out of the loop with the PSD development, which server version are you using for that? Is it “stable”?

I currently test the brand new 2.1.11 NRK build. I had not the time to stress test it, but expect it to be quite stable as this fork is used by Sophie studio automation for NRK, the Norwegian public broadcaster.

I’ll try it out soon, thank you!

Be aware that Sofie doesn’t use the PSD producer parts, any fixes have been done on my own time or during some work I did for didikunz. The rest of the server should be stable though, this version isnt in production yet, but has been in testing for a few weeks

I did find a pretty nasty bug over the weekend, if multiple PSDs try to render text with the same font (I think font is a requirement) at the exact same time then at least one of them will get stuck forever, locking up the channel until a restart of casparcg.