News Ticker .fla scene update on finish

Hi, I have found this news ticker example and I need help getting it to update when it is completely done. Any ideas? Thanks a lot.
I attach the file in case you want to use it in your projects. I can’t find anything similar in the forum

Hello I have the solution. If someone wants it, I share the file :smiley:

Hi Sir,

Please share the file. i will check and give feedback to you.

swf ok but It gives me error creating template. I need help please

i am not getting any error while creating template.

Hi. Can you send me the .ft file, please?. When I create the template it tells me duplicate function:

Error Scene 1, Capa ‘brewActions’, Fotograma 1, línea 1, columna 1 1021: Definición de función duplicada.

1 error(es), 0 advertencia(s)

.ft created but don’t work. Help me please!!


vimlesh1975 Leader sir please solve this error.

Vimlesh sir Kindly look in to this error.

Please find the link


Please find the Latest .ft file from News ticker 5 folder.

Thank you very much for your help. I don’t understand why it doesn’t show the data. The .swf file works fine, but I can’t play it in CasparCG. Can someone help me visualize this scene? Thanks in advance


vimlesh1975 sir please solve this error.

Vimlesh sir Kindly look in to this error.


This News ticker Template need integrate and build with Caspercg media playback application.
This integrate will do only Vimlesh Sir. Vimlesh Sir Kindly look in to this.

Thank you very much to all