Newbie - Stuttering Video/Audio over NDI

Hey all!

We’ve been trialing CasparCG in a deployment feeding OBS over NDI for playout of a bunch of pre-recorded H.264 content (all fairly benign stuff, can provide specifics if need be).

The build for the machine is a decent chunk of Xeon, plus 32gb of ram and a Quadro P2200. The instance is in no way running heavy according to Task Manager, however we’re seeing a lot of stuttering and locking up of audio during playout.

This appears to temporarily resolve coinciding with points on the attached diag graph where the ffmpeg buffer spikes before dropping back again. Could y’all kindly guide me in the direction of where I should be looking to resolve this?

Much appreciated!

Underflow during playback is typically caused by insufficient disk performance. In some cases it can also be because the decoding is not fast enough but with normal full HD files I’d expect to see performance problems elsewhere before that.

Appreciate the advice! I’ll shift the playback to a spare SSD and see if that improves matters :slight_smile: