Newbie Question: ClipPlayout with .net



Hi to all in this forum,

I am Ingo and I’ relatively new to CasparCG.
So my first idea was to program a small app that communicates with the server (2.2.2) that’s running on another workstation and to play out a clip.
I’m using Visual Studio 2019 / Visual Basic and the libdotnet from github.

I achieved getting a connection the server so far.
Now I’d like to ask the server for the mediafiles it has (MediaScanner is running).
While .RefreshDatalist is working and raises the updated-event whenever called the .RefreshMedifiles command does not.
I can see that CLS command is sent to the server but do not get either the .updatedMediafiles event or any medialist back.
VS Debugger shows “Ausnahme ausgelöst: “System.FormatException” in mscorlib.dll” when .RefreshMediafiles is called.
Has anybody encountered similar problems? Could anybody help?

Thanks a lot.



Strangely the server writes “Sent more than 512 bytes to…”
Could that be the reason?



Hi Ingo, do you have source code of the libdotnet library, so that you can debug into it? If not, I would try that. The format exception locks like some incompatibilities with the German language settings while parsing some server responses. But without trapping the error in the library you will not find out.


Hi didikunz,

nice to hear from you (again).
I think we once met in the RTX Inscriber forum years ago…

I have the library downloaded from github and compiled it myself using VS2010.
I will have a look into it. Thanks for the advice.



Libdotnet don’t play nice with CCG 2.2+ AFAIK


Hi rrebuffo,

Thanks for your answer.
Do you suggest to use an older version such as 2.0.7 or is there a better / newer .net library for 2.2. version?



2.0.7 for playing out media is just fine and is very stable. Flash templates work fine too.
For HTML templates I would suggest server 2.3. (latest build is very stable and way faster than 2.2)

There’s some libraries that were updated to work with 2.2+ versions:
@rom1 has a very good .net library compatible with .net core.
I also made some modifications to the libdotnet but I find it somewhat limiting.


Thanks rrebuffo.
I meanwhile testet 2.1.0. This version workes fine with my library but I’m not sure about the issue that the media scanner runs within the server.
So I’ll try to use another library.
Thanks so far and have a nice weekend.


Although 2.1.0 is very feature rich, it’s very buggy for video playback. Transitions and loadbg messes with audio.


Okay. I’ll leave the 2.1 and switch to 2.3.




for server version >2.1, in my client i use following code to get a tree-view of folder structure of media folder.

 If ServerVersion > 2.1 Then
                Dim webClient As New System.Net.WebClient
                Dim result As String = webClient.DownloadString("http://" & frmmediaplayer.cmbhost.Text & ":8000/cls")
                Dim bb() = Split(result, vbNewLine)
                ReDim aa(bb.Count)
                For iclips = 0 To bb.Count - 1
                    Dim foldername As String = ""
                    Dim clipname As String = Replace(Replace(Split(bb(iclips), "  ")(0), "\", "/"), """", "")
                    foldername = Mid(clipname, 1, Len(clipname) - Len(Split(clipname, "/").Last) - 1)
                    aa(iclips) = "Clips\" & Replace(foldername, "/", "\")
            End If

Already discussed here.


Try 2.1 NRK that is the best of both worlds.


Hi all,

thanks for the suggestions.
I didn’t manage to get it going either with the StarDust lib or the original libdotnet so far.
But using rrebuffos lib with his modifications works. Thanks rrebuffo.
I will have a closer look on the StarDust lib because of its possibilities but for the moment rrebuffos lib works fine.