Newbie problem Mixer > Mask

Hi guys, I’ve just started learning CasparCG and I have a small problem.
I can’t figure out how to use one media to mask another. Could you help me and explain how to make it work? I’m really sorry for dumb question.

That is simple. Let’s say we have this setup

MediaToBeMasked → Layer 20
Mixer MASK command → Layer 15
MaskMedia → Layer 15
BackgroundMedia → Layer 10

In the end you see the BackgroundMedia in all portions where The MaskMedia is black and the MediaToBeMasked in all portions that are white in MaskMedia.

If I remember correctly, the opaque portion of the mask should be red and the transparent should be black. This has driven me nuts in the past.

That is not correct, I tried it with a black & white mask, before writing the answer.

I got confused by the MIXER KEYER command.

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@didikunz Thank you very much :wink: As you said it’s very simple, but first you need to know the way.