Newbie Problem - I can't playout Animate CC 2019 Builded (.ft) Templates

Hi Guys,

I am very new to CasparCG just started exploring. I am using Animate CC 2019, when I prepare any simple template .ft and Generate Template, I cannot make it run on CasparCG Server either within Animate CC playout control or from Caspar Client. The error I am getting within Caspar Server log is ;

@Add@1@TypeError: Error #1009@
@Play@1@ReferenceError: No template queued on layer 1@

Old ready .ft’s are working but my prepared ones are not. Am I building template wrong ?

Stuck at step 1 :frowning:

Can anybody help ?

Thank You!

Error 1009 is probably a null reference to a MovieClip or another variable in your code. That’s an ActionScript error, not a Caspar error.

Big Thanks for Rapid Help of Yours.

I just imported a png image, I have 1 layer, made a very simple fade in tween of 40 frames and Build .FT, Having this error.I do not have any actionscript on any frame.

Do I need to have a specific Flash Player installed for a successful FT build ?

Thank you…

Not really.

What the output window shows when you build a template? How did you install the generator?

I’m greateful for your follow up Many thanks.

I added Template Generator by an extention utility caled Anastasiy as shown on a youtube tutaorial.
I use Animate CC 2019 v.19.

Below is the Build Log ;

||Generating CasparCG Flash template, version 2.0.0||
 +Verbose tracing is activated (+), this can be turned off in the Settings tab.
 +Scanning the main timeline for keyframes with labels...
 +Scanning elements...
 +Scanning elements...
 +Scanning elements...
 +Scanning the library for movie clips and bitmaps...
 + >Found a movie clip, scan it's timeline...
 +Scanning a timeline for caspar components...
 +Scanning elements...
 +Writing template data: originalWidth=1280 originalHeight=720 originalFramerate=50 stopOnFirstFrame=true
 +Template metadata:
 <template version="2.0.0" authorName="CGBAND" authorEmail="LightNow" templateInfo="Try" originalWidth="1280" originalHeight="720" originalFrameRate="50" >
The CasparCG flash template was successfully created! You can find the .ft file in:

When I export the .FT, the file size is really small… I use a single PNG around 300 KB let’s say, output .FT is around 14 KB…

From what I see here from the log it seems, that there is a movie clip in the library and no main timeline. So the PNG is probably in that movie clip and is never exported.