New User General Questions

Hello All,

I am new to CASPARCG and have a few general questions to ask the community.

I have been tasked to setup 5 monitors in our office lobby to run CASPARCG and playout 5 different playlist at the same time.

My question is can you run 5 screen consumer playout windows at a time from one client window ?

I have watched several tutorials and read many posts on this site. I have successfully opened the Client, Screen Consumer, and Server Launcher.

Will I need to have 5 clients running to pull off this task ?

I currently can only get one consumer playout window to show video at a time.

I am running Windows 11, Intel XEON, , NVIDIA RTX A4000, and 64 GB RAM.

If you can point me in the right direction with other online posts or tutorials I’d gladly appreciate it.

Thank you in advance for any help to this new user.


Question: Can you run 5 screen consumer playout windows at a time from one client window?

Answer: Yes. Most clients control multiple channels in each of several servers. The SVT standard client can do so. It is excellent for what may be called “live assist” studio style playouts, but it may not be the ideal controller for multiple automated playouts but it can prove the system operation using multiple groups each controlling one channel and using auto-play mode.

Getting 5 screen consumers from a single server may be more of a challenge. I assume your system is looking to have at least 6 computer screens - one showing the server control screen plus 5 others with full-screen content. The RTX A4000 has 4 computer screen outputs. But a lowish-cost USB-C to 2 x HDMI may provide the required extra outputs. You have not mentioned if there is any audio output requirement. You can run multiple screen consumers but there is only one system audio output.

What resolution is required on each output screen? Full-HD (1920x1080) or Ultra-1 (3840 by 2160)? I have installed and used servers with 7 HD-SDI outputs plus one HD-SDI input, but I’m not sure if it could deliver 3 Ultra-1 channels.

You say you can only get 1 output at a time. Does your casparcg.config have definitions for multiple channels with a screen consumer for each?

In final project deployment a single client can control multiple playouts, but it may be simpler to make the required edits and start updated lists by using multiple clients.

Which server and client are you using, and which versions?