New to CasparCG, would this work for a 24 hour bulletin board with cut in videos at certain times of the day?

Hi all, new to CasparCG, I work for a cable access station. I’m wondering if this would be a good solution to help automate our meeting reruns. We are trying to run reruns of our government meetings a few times a week, and I have no way of running them outside of manually pulling them up on a PC. We currently run a bulletin board 24/7, and switch over to a live feed for live meetings. Does CasparCG let me run a 24/7 clip and then cut into it at certain times of the day?

Clarification, I’m playing a powerpoint converted to a video on loop 24/7, not a 24 hour file.


A 24h videoclip? Would be too big to be handled in Windows PC

No, it would be a short clip played on loop.

I see. - General information about Caspar clients (control programs) is this list here.

For a 24h play-out you maybe want to try PlyCast (listed as RedCast) here. RedCast has been developed for a TV station in Switzerland and should have plenty of features, that covers your use case. It seems that they re branded and extended that product.

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