New on broadcast - Need help

hello, i am a student and with friends we do esport competition broadcast. I have a question for you I am looking for an alternative to NewblueFX titler live and I saw casparcg, I am just looking for a software allowing to add live data and will edit them with a spreadsheet, (for scores etc … ), is caspar the right one, or do you have any other tips? thank you in advance :slight_smile:

Sure! - You ask that in the Caspar forum, what answer would you expect? :slight_smile:

For instance there is a way to send data from Excel to Caspar, that could be handy. Do you have somebody, that is fit with HTML?

Just some more options. I guess that CASPARCG as server and NODEcg (as client for CASPARCG server) is a good combination. You can also try WEBCG and SPX-CG. All this are good clients for Caspar. And the client that Didikunz suggest was made for excel.

You can combine several channels of casparcg (as server) and more than one client.