New Intel Nuc with amd radeon graphics card


Hi, Im looking to get a new computer to use with caspar, I have a nuc with an intel graphics card ( first generation I guess) and I connect it with a ultra studio mini via thunderbold 3 and it works good.

the new generation of intel nuc computers are getting an AMD Radeon graphics card, does that radeon card works with caspar?

Have anyone tryed that graphics cards with your computers?


I tried on a 12 core 24gig machine with a 4gig radeon card thinking all would be good. It chugged and was horrible. Swapped out for a cheap GeForce GTX card with only 2 gig on the card and everything was great. Stay far from AMD cards


My results with AMD were also far from perfect.

On the other hand this summer we started a project with several nuc’s as playout.

That worked out quite well.

It is to say that we only use it there with one videolayer and 2 HTML templates
nothing more nothing less. i see if i can find the exact model number we are using.