New Intel Nuc with amd radeon graphics card

Hi, Im looking to get a new computer to use with caspar, I have a nuc with an intel graphics card ( first generation I guess) and I connect it with a ultra studio mini via thunderbold 3 and it works good.

the new generation of intel nuc computers are getting an AMD Radeon graphics card, does that radeon card works with caspar?

Have anyone tryed that graphics cards with your computers?

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I tried on a 12 core 24gig machine with a 4gig radeon card thinking all would be good. It chugged and was horrible. Swapped out for a cheap GeForce GTX card with only 2 gig on the card and everything was great. Stay far from AMD cards

My results with AMD were also far from perfect.

On the other hand this summer we started a project with several nuc’s as playout.

That worked out quite well.

It is to say that we only use it there with one videolayer and 2 HTML templates
nothing more nothing less. i see if i can find the exact model number we are using.

So I recenetly bought this NUC and I must say its been great for me.


I tryed it today in combination with Decklinks MiniHD.
The NUC got Win 10 Pro, 256GB SSD and 32GB RAM.
After starting CasparCG the CPU needs already 50%.
Showing a simple Flash-Template on Screen and on Decklink takes the CPU close to the edge 90%.
Unfortunatly my Templates have no big animations yet, So I can´t check the real performance onAir.
I guess for simple FadeIn and Out it should be ok.
More after more tests.

Hey I‘ve got an Intel Nuc8i3 does it work‘s? And i wan‘t to buy an Nuc8i5 or something like this. Which nuc you use? The nuc8 has Iris Plus Graphics 6xx. Does this will work? Some alternative you use as nuc?

Which nuc work great?

Sorry for the late reply. The NUC I am referring to is the NYC Hades Canyon. It has a AMD gpu built in the CPU.