New CasparCG client: SuperConductor released

We’re happy to announce the first release of SuperConductor — our internal project created to explore new ideas around playout.

SuperConductor is a playout client for Windows/Linux/macOS that will let you control CasparCG Server, BMD ATEMs, OBS Studio, vMix, and more.

Under the hood SuperConductor is powered by the same playout backend as the Sofie Automation system, with timeline-based control of multiple devices.

Timeline playout

Edit Timeline

Drag objects onto the timeline, edit them and play them out instantly!

Edit timeline

Stream Deck and X-keys Support

Assign keys on Stream Deck or X-keys to playout actions.

Stream Deck GUI
Stream Deck

More info in the readme file in the SuperConductor repository on GitHub.

We hope you will join us in adding features and capabilities!

  /Your friends at


that is SO COOL I can’t wait to play with this after work


Very nice first click’s made me happy :wink:


Amazing !!!


This looks EPIC! and just the right ticket to get Sofie tech out to the mainstream.
Thanks for this!

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Thanks for the tool and all the work.
Just out of curiosity, what was the motivation of SuperFlyTV to build the tool now. Is there a customer behind it.
I ask how the maintenance of such a tool looks like in the future.

Thanks again =)

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SuperConductor was built as an internal experiment to see if we could fix some of the frustrations found when using CasparCG Client. We’ve used it as a project to both test and teach new developers we’ve brought into the team recently. There’s no client funding the development so we won’t make any promises of future updates or development, but the open source license is very generous. :slight_smile:


Trying on win10 and after installation it shows this error message
Releases v0.7.2 and 0.7.0 and the same results.
Any ideas? Thank You.
(Caspar server 2.3.2 lts)

We’ve just made a new release of SuperConductor which now supports scheduling for 24/7 playout: Releases · SuperFlyTV/SuperConductor · GitHub

Looking forward to hearing your feedback!


Do you show this to us at IBC?

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If I can persuade Johan to carry his laptop to the show floor I’m sure he’d be happy to do a demo!


Like for a 24/7 tv channal?

Yes, scheduling in SUperConductor is intended to be used for automated 24/7 playout.

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Sounds very great, I have to try it out.

Brg Tue.

The download links inside your GitHubs are brocken…

Thanks @didikunz. Seems like this was fixed yesterday.

Hi I got the same issue, have you managed to fix this problem or does anyone has an idea on how to solve this

I just downloaded it from the link above.

I’ve been testing it for a while and it looks great. Have you thought about showing the current time of individual parts and showing the end time of the rundown?

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