Need Help CasparCG wont start

I keep getting an error wen trying to start Caspar CG:

stack smashing detected

Can anyone tell me how to fix or even go about fixing

Sorry but with that amount of information your giving the only advice you can get is reboot.

Br Markus

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I was trying to run casparcg-server 2.2.0 on Debian 10. I was able to download and extract the files via docker.
When Caspar finished building, it created a to run the server from. When running the script, I get the following error:
*** stack smashing detected ***: terminated
I have a few screenshots with the system info and error logs.

Here is another grab

And my final grab

missed onr

I am not a Linux guy, but these lines (in your first screenshot) show that there are privileges missing. In Windows we then “run as administrator” what normally solves the issue.

And by the way: You can post these logs in the text instead of sending hard to read screenshots. There is a button, in the top bar of the editor box, to format these parts of the post. It has the icon </> Would be much appreciated.

I have the same problem as Didi. Have installed The Linux-server once and thats was something like 2014-2015.
Have you searched the forum and the wiki?
Ex this