Need help about video playout

I need to find out if the video has played properly. Is there any way in Casparcg that I can detect?

Define “played properly”. Do you need to know if any distortion or stuttering or the like happen, or only if it has played?

We need to know if there was any distortion during video playout. In addition we need to know if video sent to playout played full duration, both video and audio. we noticed sometimes only video is played.

Please see CasparCG log file :

[2020-06-21 10:20:12.357] [7700] [info]    Received message from play 1-10 “video_name.MXF" length 125 auto\r\n
[2020-06-21 10:20:12.357] [7700] [info]    Received message from play 1-40 [html] http://localhost/slug_new/slug.php auto\r\n
[2020-06-21 10:20:12.379] [3232] [error]   [ffmpeg] [mxf @ 2001BA80] could not resolve sub descriptor strong ref
[2020-06-21 10:20:12.380] [3232] [info]    [ffmpeg] [mxf @ 2001BA80] source track 4: stream 2, no descriptor found
[2020-06-21 10:20:12.447] [3232] [info]    Initialized ffmpeg tbb context.
[2020-06-21 10:20:12.451] [3232] [info]    ffmpeg[video_name.MXF|1920x1080p25.00|7733359/125] [video-decoder] MPEG-2 video
[2020-06-21 10:20:12.452] [3232] [debug]   [audio-decoder] PCM signed 16-bit little-endian Selected channel layout STEREO
[2020-06-21 10:20:12.452] [3232] [info]    ffmpeg[video_name.MXF|1920x1080p25.00|7733359/125] [audio-decoder] PCM signed 16-bit little-endian
[2020-06-21 10:20:12.769] [3232] [info]    transition[empty=>ffmpeg[video_name.MXF|1920x1080p25.00|7733359/125]] Initialized.
[2020-06-21 10:20:12.769] [3232] [debug]   Executed command: PlayCommand

I see. So to be able to know these thing while the system is playing you would need to build a program, that redirects Caspars console to itself and parses these messages. That could be quite tricky to build. And you would only know it and could not do much with that information.

A better possibility to make sure, that all files run perfect is to only allow a specific codec and a specific number of audio tracks etc. And convert everything, that comes in, and is in a wrong format, before sending to play-out. That’s usually how all big (and small) TV stations work.