Need developer for single client with multiple playout

I want to build Client and server like DOOH software. please get in touch if you are intrested.

What is that?

And a little bit more information in general, what this software should be able to do, would be good. Please write something more than for instance “it must be able to play out videos”, but how you want it to work etc.

it should able to playout video and graphics. The hardware will be raspberry pi with 64gb of storage. Video out will be hdmi.
we need one central cloud server where we upload Playlist, Video and graphic files. there will be 1000 raspberry pi which will download playlist and all files which is scheduled in playlist.

Have you ever been able to use CasparCG on Raspberry Pi, as I just searched this forum I did not find anything, that says it is working, as it seems to miss OpenGL 4.5 capabilities. See this thread.

Sali Didi,

DOOH is Digital out of Home-/Outdoor-Media. You know, all the bloody boxes at all Tram-stations in Zurich :wink: Digitale Litfasssäule :wink:

Sali Thommi,

I see, this was called “Digital Signage” back in the early days :slight_smile:

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