NDI4 problem

Run today into a strange problem
Let start with my setup
Caspar 2.3 dev build from 2019-11-12 on a laptop.
NDI 4 runtime installed and “Processing.NDI.lib.x64.dll” copied to server folder
in my config i have

<name>CasparCG 1</name>

Now to the interresting part
when I run “play 1-10 go1080p25 loop” it runs at it should on the same computers Newtek StudioMonitor (NDI Tools 4)
when I try to open it on another computer in the network it shows up as a source but it wont show any video.
Tried with the same laptop on 2 different networks to both different Tricasters (with NDI 4 update) and Studio Monitor.
When I run a CasparCG 2.2 in the networks to the same destinations it shows with no sound (as it is expected)
Testpatterns are showing correctly so it should be a NDI-network-problem because everthing else but CasparCG is working as it is expected.
Has anyone got CasparCG to work with NDI4?
And is there something Im missing?

Disable windows firewall

Most likely right.
On my desktop computers dev build 2019-11-12 to Stdio monitor runs OK.
Hate company laptops.
Probably a “allow application” problem.