NDI who orchestrates tally?


Hi All I am testing with NDI functionality on the moment.

I Have CasparCG feeding Dataton watchout and I am monitoring the CasparCG NDI feed with the NDI studio monitor.
I was pleasantly surprised by the fact that I could see tally information when the caspar feed was in use on a watchout timeline.

This makes me wonder how this tally info is managed. Is watchout (or any other NDI reciever) giving this info first to CasparCG and does Caspar distribute it to the rest or is watchout multicasting it ???



It must be Dataton Watchout timeline causing the tally, I guess.
While consuming the CasparCG NDI feed at one or multiple NDI receivers, there is no acknowledgement or info fed back to command window of CasparCG.
Enlighten me if it is otherwise, like Dataton or Newtek.

K D Prasad


Hi, I have tested CasparCG NDI feed with both Dataton Watchtime and OBS, and found that these two are sending tally signals to NDI Studio Monitor while CasparCG(2.3) is neither receiving nor sending tally.
Nice experience, as Tally with NDI is a new thing to learn.
KD Prasad


If OBS and Dataton watchout can, Why casparcg is not able to send tally feedback to ndi studio monitor?


I wonder if we could trigger templates with it :wink:


Hmm, I sense a quick prototype of that could be made with grandiose and casparcg-connection.

Might be on an older SDK, or it is simply not implemented yet.


Tally just needs to be implemented in the new NDI module. For incoming tally (i.e. caspar on-air), it would probably be wisest to just have it appear in OSC. /channel/1/ndi/tally = program or something.