NDI to SRT problem

tested Metus NDI to SRT with CasparCG. I run in to problem that the SRT that Metus did put out was red. When I monitored the signal in StudioMonitor it was fine but in Metus there where some color change. I attach image where StudioMonitor, Metus UI and SRT that vMix recived.
Does anyone has any good ideas why this happened. I did also asked Metus since I havent seen this before with CasparCG so I think the problem is with Metus. Have also dubblecheck that it isnt a vMix problem. The SRT looks the same in OBS

Just for curiosity: Why do you not go directly with NDI into vMix?

vmix was on an edge-computer
It was more a more a test “CasparCG to cloud”

According to Vmix, SRT does not support the alpha channel.


Alpha Channel
This setting must be set to None as alpha is not supported by the video codecs used by SRT.

the problem isnt the key signal (or lack of it) but that the black in fill signal is red.
If I output a 100% fill video it is like it would have a red veil over it

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This is a grabbed picture when playing a video
Top picture CasparCG NDI → Metus NDItoSRT → SRT OBS
lower picture CasparCG NDI → NDI StudioMonitor

To me it looks like there is a miss match in the color model, Caspar is YUV, can it be, that Metus expects RGB?

Caspar handles the conversion. It looks like alpha isn’t configurable with NDI in CCG (so it’s always sent).