NDI source played out choppy

I would like to play out a kind of count-down timer app from an iPhone to an ATEM switcher as DSK. The phone uses NDI HX Capture app.
My system: Win 8.1; CCG 2.3.0 a4a7c053 Dev; BMD DeckLink 4K PRO (Fill&Key).

I was able to play out the NDI source to the Fill&Key output via custom command, but it is unfortunately a bit choppy. I have checked the source NDI stream with NDI Studio Monitor on the same PC as CCG, it has a small but constant lag, witch is acceptable.
The CCG’s output of this NDI source is contrary choppy, the lag varies from 2-6 sec.

I assume I did not properly set up the NDI CCG input, but despite all my work and research I could not find the solution.

I would truly appreciate anybody can help…

is the lag same with “Low bandwith” in the studio monitor? If not, it is most likely network related.

Ndi and wifi are not the best combination. The lag you report is very high. Try to resend the ndi stream FROM the ndi monitor app. Something like this…
(Iphone app + ndi hx cap)----// wifi network //— (ndi monitor)-----(caparcg input).
The Ndi Monitor has a mode to resend to the network the input, just like a router.
Look at Settings>Output>Ndi video output.

Thanks, good idea! Unfortunately the wifi part cannot be omitted in this scenario… Thank you anyway!