NDI source audio loud/crackle

Hi, i’m using NDI as source for CCG with ‘PLAY 1-1 ndi://host/stream’
It is working… except that the audio level is high and the sound crackles.
I have the same result when i use VLC as source or when i use Magewell ProConverter HDMI to NDI.
Does anyone experimented this kind of trouble ?

Try with mixer volume

Sounds to me, that the sound level is too high at the first place. Do you have control over that?

I have tried to reduce source volume… it seems to be better around -25dB… and then i use the MIXER VOLUME to increase volume in CCG.
However, i’m not sure it remove all crackles…

I am not an audio guy, but you should talk to one, that can clear you up on the different terms like dBFS, headroom etc. usually you should not need to bring the sound up again in the MIXER.

The crackles mostly come from framerate miss-match.

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Understood, i’ll check that… Thks