Ndi source as input


Hi! I have a question: how can i put an NDI source to be in CasparCG Client list? I have an NDI source from a laptop and i need to show in list. Can i do this? I can use different frame rate like the videos? Can u write what can i do for this? Thank u!


Add a custom command (Tools > Other > Custom Command)
Fill the fields like in the image above, where CASPAR is the name/host of the PC and CG is the name of the source. You shoud specify the server-layer in there in addition to selecting the server in the Output panel above that.


Thank u! U can specify what is 1-1?



PLAY 1-1 ndi://CASPAR/CG is: play ‘CG’ NDI signal from host ‘CASPAR’ on layer 1 of channel 1


I get this error.


Add quotes to the input path if it has any spaces.

PLAY 1-1 "ndi://ITL/Test Pattern"


Or, if that doesn’t work either, try:

PLAY 1-1 [NDI] "ITL (Test Pattern)"


maybe Your sever version was 2.2.0,I had the same problem in 2.2.0 ,then I tried 2.3.0,it’s woked fine.


Is the input path the same that NDIAnalysis give if you write “NDIAnalysis.exe /find”


I use the ndi studio monitor to identify the name of the ndi source,
the example amcp protocol to add a ndi source is:PLAY 1-1 "ndi://ITL/Test Pattern"
don’t forget thequote. Then,you can see the picture below, substitute the ITL with “LIVEPC”and the Test Pattern with “NVIDIA…”