Ndi source as input

Hi! I have a question: how can i put an NDI source to be in CasparCG Client list? I have an NDI source from a laptop and i need to show in list. Can i do this? I can use different frame rate like the videos? Can u write what can i do for this? Thank u!

Add a custom command (Tools > Other > Custom Command)
Fill the fields like in the image above, where CASPAR is the name/host of the PC and CG is the name of the source. You shoud specify the server-layer in there in addition to selecting the server in the Output panel above that.

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Thank u! U can specify what is 1-1?


PLAY 1-1 ndi://CASPAR/CG is: play ‘CG’ NDI signal from host ‘CASPAR’ on layer 1 of channel 1

I get this error.

Add quotes to the input path if it has any spaces.

PLAY 1-1 "ndi://ITL/Test Pattern"
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Or, if that doesn’t work either, try:

PLAY 1-1 [NDI] "ITL (Test Pattern)"

maybe Your sever version was 2.2.0,I had the same problem in 2.2.0 ,then I tried 2.3.0,it’s woked fine.

Is the input path the same that NDIAnalysis give if you write “NDIAnalysis.exe /find”

I use the ndi studio monitor to identify the name of the ndi source,
the example amcp protocol to add a ndi source is:PLAY 1-1 "ndi://ITL/Test Pattern"
don’t forget thequote. Then,you can see the picture below, substitute the ITL with “LIVEPC”and the Test Pattern with “NVIDIA…”

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I am getting below error, any please helo

Received message from PLAY 1-1"ndi://DESKTOP-DNIP730/vMix - Output 3"\r\n
[2022-01-29 23:33:51.961] [10912] [error]   producer\input\input.cpp(279): Throw in function caspar::ffmpeg::`anonymous-namespace'::<lambda9>::operator ()
Dynamic exception type: class boost::exception_detail::clone_impl<struct caspar::ffmpeg::averror_protocol_not_found>
std::exception::what: Unknown exception
[struct boost::errinfo_api_function_ *] = avformat_open_input(&weak_context, narrow(resource_name).c_str(), nullptr, &format_options)
1330794744, "Unknown error"[struct caspar::tag_msg_info *] = Protocol not found
[struct caspar::tag_source_info *] = ndi://DESKTOP-DNIP730/vMix - Output 3

[2022-01-29 23:33:51.976] [10912] [error]   File not found. No match found for parameters. Check syntax:ndi://DESKTOP-DNIP730/vMix - Output 3
[2022-01-29 23:33:51.979] [10912] [warning] Failed to execute command: PlayCommand on AMCPCommandQueue Channel 1 for TCP Port 5250
[2022-01-29 23:33:51.984] [10912] [info]    Sent message to 501 PLAY FAILED\r\n

Looks like you are running an older version.

I have CasparCg Srver 2.0.7 & Client 2.0.8 which is latest - is that I need same server / client version?
Secondly, the NDI source is running from another pc not from the same machine where CasparCG is installed I can see the source is working fine in NDI monitor.

Server 2.0.7 does not support NDI input. Please try 2.2 or 2.3

video layer showing in my Casparcg client is 10, should I use STOP 10-1 and same as in the case Play 10-1? (I am unable to change video layer in custom command)
having below error

[2022-01-30 16:44:32.677] [error]    Turn on log level debug for stacktrace.
[2022-01-30 16:44:32.677] [info]    Sent message to PLAY FAILED\r\n
[2022-01-30 16:45:00.098] [info]    Received message from PLAY 1-10 "TESTPATTERNS/1080_TEST" CUT 0 Linear RIGHT\r\n
[2022-01-30 16:45:00.099] [error]    Turn on log level debug for stacktrace.
[2022-01-30 16:45:00.100] [info]    Sent message to PLAY FAILED\r\n
[2022-01-30 16:46:43.162] [info]    Received message from PLAY 1-1 "ndi://DESKTOP-DNIP730/vMix Output - 3"\r\n
[2022-01-30 16:46:43.166] [info]    Loaded "C:\Program Files\NDI\NDI 5 Tools\Runtime\Processing.NDI.Lib.x64.dll"
[2022-01-30 16:46:43.185] [info]    ndi[0|DESKTOP-DNIP730 (vMix Output - 3)] Source currently not available.
[2022-01-30 16:46:43.190] [info]    Sent message to PLAY OK\r\n

Its CHANNEL-LAYER so 1-10 (your log output shows PLAY 1-1 though)

still nothing happens, don’t know what is going wrong as the console didn’t give me any error

Type NDI LIST in Caspars console window and see, if the source is present, and how the actual spelling needs to be.

NDI LIST shows complete set of NDI sources available, but when I want to play it said source currently not available, meanwhile the same source is playing well in vMix & Wirecast (logs below)

1 "DESKTOP-8TOBN3H (InstaPlayout NDI Renderer (2))"
2 "DESKTOP-8TOBN3H (InstaPlayout NDI Renderer)"
3 "DESKTOP-8TOBN3H (Wirecast Live Output)"
4 "DESKTOP-DNIP73O (vMix - Output 3)"
5 "DESKTOP-DNIP73O (vMix - Output 4)"
6 "DESKTOP-UPHA33L (Remote Connection 1)" ndi-app:DESKTOP-UPHA33L%20(Remote%20Connection%201)
7 "DESKTOP-UPHA33L (vMix - Output 1)"
8 "UAE-BACKUPSERVER-NEW (Wirecast Live Output)"

[2022-01-31 16:10:01.717] [error]   Failed to connect to media-scanner. Is it running?
[2022-01-31 16:10:01.717] [error]   Reason: Connection refused
[2022-01-31 16:10:01.717] [info]    Sent message to TLS FAILED\r\n
[2022-01-31 16:10:01.717] [info]    Sent message to DATA LIST OK\r\n\r\n
[2022-01-31 16:10:05.722] [error]   Failed to connect to media-scanner. Is it running?
[2022-01-31 16:10:05.722] [error]   Reason: Connection refused
[2022-01-31 16:10:05.722] [info]    Sent message to THUMBNAIL LIST FAILED\r\n
[2022-01-31 16:12:22.886] [info]    Received message from PLAY 1-10 "ndi://DESKTOP-DNIP730/vMix - Output 4"\r\n
[2022-01-31 16:12:22.888] [info]    ndi[0|DESKTOP-DNIP730 (vMix - Output 4)] Source currently not available.
[2022-01-31 16:12:22.891] [info]    Sent message to PLAY OK\r\n

Is the media scanner running? If yes you have some firewall issue, that probably also stops NDI.