NDI select specific NIC input/output interface

Hello eveyone.

Can someone help me with this config problem:

How can i restrict CasparCG to use only one NIC in windows or linux system, where will output or take from input any NDI signal?

I didnt find such configuration option.

I can try some firewall based configs but in windows it ads lags and skippings in NDI output when firewall is activated.

Please help.


As I understand the NDI specification it is not possible to give it any restrictions etc. Why would you want to do that? What is the use case scenario?

In our studio’s we use the NDI discovery server in combination with the Accessmanager
By specifing a discovery server and offcoarse running one. A computer simply only use one subnet since the IP’s advertised are always in the subnet off the discovery server. NDI 5 will be released this month giving you the option to choose a NIC.
We run 3 NIC’s on each computer WWW/DANTE/NDI

As you said with 3 NICs, i have even 4 NICs , one of them is Wheatstone audio net, and is overloaded by few caspars in our setup so it makes skipps and pops in audio.
Best should be isolation of caspars on specific NIC.

Also, there is an issue if you have caspars in different subnet/physical network, and routers such Mikrotik can make issue to forward multicasts on both side (even if multicast is dropped and disabled completly)
That gives issues on both caspars with skipping of NDI stream every 10 seconds.

Do you use a Discovery server